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Access to medical records

The practice is registered with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). Any request for access to notes by a patient, patient’s representative or outside body will be dealt with ... [continue] Access to medical records

Accessing someone else’s information

As a parent, family member or carer, you may be able to access services for someone else. We call this having proxy access. We can set this up for you ... [continue] Accessing someone else’s information

Feedback, Compliments and Complaints

Feedback and Compliments Your feedback helps us understand what is working well and less well for our patients, their families and carers. We use this feedback to review the way ... [continue] Feedback, Compliments and Complaints

GP net earnings

NHS England require that the net earnings of doctors engaged in the practice is published and the required disclosure is shown below. However, it should be noted that the prescribed ... [continue] GP net earnings

Medical education

We are a training practice and regularly have students on site. All students are closely supervised by a qualified member of staff. We also teach medical students and sometimes you ... [continue] Medical education

Patient confidentiality

We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and ... [continue] Patient confidentiality

Patient group

We have an active patient participation group at our practice. About our patient group Find out about our patient group The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is all about you, our ... [continue] Patient group

Patient rights and responsibilities

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. It is your responsibility to keep your ... [continue] Patient rights and responsibilities

Patient survey and results

We will publish the latest patient survey and results information on this page.

Practice policies

Use the pages below to read our practice policies.

Research practice

This is a research practice, more info will be added here.

Self Help and Referral Links

Kingston Maternity referral form – Kingston Hospital Booking to birth with Royal Surrey | Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust Maternity Self Referral Form ( Mental wellbeing | Healthy Surrey Drugs ... [continue] Self Help and Referral Links

Using this website

The medical information on this website, and on any sites linked to from this website, gives general advice only and should not be used as a substitute for the personal ... [continue] Using this website

Veteran friendly GP practice

Fort House Surgery is a registered veterans friendly surgery. We are proud to support our Armed Forces community and being Accredited shows that we are able to deliver the best possible ... [continue] Veteran friendly GP practice


Most GP practices are associated with a Primary Care Network (PCN) who provide services across a region of the UK. WHAM PCN is a partnership of organisations working together. These ... [continue] WHAM PCN

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 25th July, 2023