Fort House Surgery

Non-NHS fees (Letters and forms)

 Non – NHS Fees

The Practice will make a charge for certain services that are not available under the NHS.

Please allow a minimum of four weeks for these forms to be completed by the surgery.

Payment is required by the practice prior to forms being completed.



Letters, Certificates, Sick Notes and Forms





Straightforward Certificate of fact£40
Complex letters requiring professional opinion£70
Accident or Sickness Insurance certificate£40
School Fees or Holiday Insurance Certificate£40
Freedom from Infection Certificate£50
Fitness to Travel£50
Fitness for Health Club/Exercise/Sporting Events£50
Private Sick Note£40
Police Medical Questionnaire Form£50
Student Finance England Form£30
Incapacity Benefit Report£50
Occupational Health Form£50

Specific Medical Reports




Army Recruitment Medical Form£60
Gender Recognition Medical Report£80
Pre-Employment Medical report£120
Firearms Licence Medical Form£80

Insurance Reports




GP Insurance Report£110
BUPA Forms£50
GP Supplementary Report£40

DVLA & Pilot License




DVLA Report (series 2)£40
DVLA Medical Examination£80
DVLA Taxi Medical£80

Adopting, Fostering and Childminder




AH Fostering & Adoption – Adult Health ReportFree
AH2 Fostering & Adoption – Update Adult Health ReportFree
Childminder Health Form£90





DS1500/Disability/Attendance Allowance FormFree
SF100 Sure Start Maternity GrantFree
PIP Form – Independent Assessment ServicesFree

Visa, Immigration and Citizenship




Proof of Life Certificate£50
Visa Immigration Application Declaration£50
Exemption from Life in UK Immigration Test£50
British Citizenship Application Referee£50

Government Department and Agencies Report






Blue Badges

We do not do medicals or complete forms for blue badges, patients need to contact the council.

Witness Signatures

 We do not witness signatures of any kind i.e. passports, pensions, power of attorney etc.

Extreme Sports

 We do not sign forms for extreme sports such as sky diving, parachuting, mountain climbing, scuba diving, marathons these need to be arranged with a private specialist.